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weekly playlist 3

Halloween is over, deadlines are rearing their ugly heads and today it rained for hours. Last week's playlist was all about dwelling on the misery of Autumn, so it's only right that this one provides you with the energy to power through it. Every song is upbeat and ideal for anyone with a particularly grim commute which tests you on a daily basis. You'll be running up the tube escalators with this one.

I just discovered Samm Henshaw this week and have been listening so much that it's only right he takes two places on this playlist. The South London vocalist utilises soulful samples to transform even the most mundane situation like losing your job at five guys into a musical masterpiece. Definitely one to watch.

This new release from Anderson .Paak featuring Kendrick Lamar is also so addictive. I usually never include chart music in my playlists (that sense of snobbery that stays with you from emo days..... sad) BUT this is too good not to.

Also, you can never go wrong with the classics. 'Turn The Beat Around' by Vicki Sue Robinson and 'I Feel For You' by Prince are timeless, blending seamlessly with the 2018 releases on this playlist.

Speaking of new releases, Bad Sounds just came out with their new album 'Get Better'. I accidently caught them at Leeds Fest this year (by accidently I mean they happened to be performing in the tent we entered to escape the rain) but they were really good live and definitely made the most of their new found audience.

Hope you enjoy this one and survive the rain.

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