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copenhagen playlist 1

With my study abroad well under way, it's time to share the songs I've been playing on repeat the past few weeks.

Admittedly, it's been harder than I imagined to find music that fits into this city. While London is a constant rush, Copenhagen is calm and relaxed and safe: something that doesn't seem to fit with my previous playlists. So, this one is a little bit mismatched.

I wanted to include everything so I can return to this one and remember this time, hence the mix of new releases and a few throwbacks.

Unsurprisingly, I love the new Twin Peaks album (and may or may not be contemplating seeing them twice when I'm back home) as well as Brittany Howard's 'Jaime' and a few songs from 'Norman Fucking Rockwell'. It's always fun to focus on a few new releases when music seems to move so fast these days, and I'm glad there's now so many I can forever associate with my first few weeks here.

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